5 crazy facts about marrying a Ukrainian woman

Have you ever heard something about Ukrainian mail order brides? We’re betting you have. Perhaps, from your work colleague, who has joined some international dating agency or from the neighbor, whose wife comes from Kiev. 

There are a lot of boring articles devoted to this subject, where local experts write stereotypical texts and give typical advice. Don’t waste your time on reading such stories, ask dating experts! Exclusively here, professional staff of the ukrainian dating service site GoldenBride.net gives 5 not boring, but crazy facts about marrying a Ukrainian lady!

Fact №1. Meet Ukrainian brides once and never go back to locals.

Men all over the world, who are lucky enough to be in relations with Ukrainians, call them “complete package”.  They are talking about the human qualities, such as faithfulness, femininity. These mail-order-brides are extremely attractive and captivating.

In contrast with Western women, they have extraordinary housekeeping skills. In Ukraine, you could hardly find females, which would be focused on their carrier instead of family. A relationship is their ultimate source of energy and inspiration. Cheerful and positive wife will make your life brighter with no doubts!

Fact №2. Beautiful Ukrainian brides truly want to get married.

Yes, emancipation is still far away from them. We all know, in the USA or Western Europe people marry at the age of 30-35 years. In Ukraine on the contrary, women over 27 start calling themselves old maids with no joke!  That had to do with the fact that marriage is considered an important part of women’s social status. It would be no exaggeration to say that children imbibe it with their mother’s milk.

Fact №3. Real Ukrainian women for marriage don’t move on to intimate relationships quickly.

Sexy Ukrainian brides often give a false impression. You can easily find bikini-pictures in their social networks, but they are not a cheap date. Society in Ukraine generally perpetuates the importance of purity and virginity. So, it means, for a lady who cares about the relationships and wants to create a family would never accept one-night stand. She would not want to mark herself as an easy picking in your eyes.

Though, if you would find some patient in your heart – your courage would be rewarded. Beautiful Ukrainian mail-order-brides are as passionate as a flame and as tender as a flower bud.  However hard you try, it’s impossible to find a better lover.

Fact №4. Ukrainian ladies don’t dream about moving to another country.

Yes, we are sure. There is another stereotype about Ukrainian women, which you could have heard from many sources.

Due to recent events in the Eastern part of Ukraine, many people think that poor Ukrainians simply want to run away from poverty and unemployment to the wealthiest countries of the world. We cannot agree with this statement.

Ladies, who create their profiles in catalogs of international marriage agencies are dreaming about a happy family, not immigration. Even more, the hard process of relocations terrifies them. But all those women are desperate about finding Prince Charming in the motherland, they are excited about foreign gentlemen.

Each lady from our site is ready to face the risk and make a fresh start. We think that such decisions must be respected.

Fact №5. Ukrainian women want to look always pretty.

Well, we mean always. Every day they are spending a lot of time near the mirror. Ukrainian beauties want to be confident in their looks, jewelry, and makeup. You could hardly find a woman, who would go to the supermarket on the next street without makeup and styling. So, if you want to make a special evening and ask her out – please, tell her in advance and be patient. Trust us, the result would be worth every minute of waiting.

We really hope that our article has been useful for you and helped to understand some parts of the mystery soul of Ukrainian lady. Probably our 5 facts are really crazy, but we’ve tried to talk from our heart and many years’ experience. You may be surprised with some traditions or culturally different between your motherland and Ukraine, but if your love is true anything is possible. So, hurry up! Don’t make your beautiful princess waiting!