How to Choose a Development Toy Depending on the Age of the Child

How to Choose a Development Toy Depending on the Age of the Child

Young children learn the world around them to a large extent during the game. Thanks to toys, they are able to easily assimilate a large amount of useful information and get a lot of skills necessary for adulthood. In fact, each toy can be considered developing. Today, the toy industry is developing very strongly and already allows you to select individual groups of educational toys that can have a comprehensive and balanced impact on the child, developing his/her abilities and skills. It is important to choose the toys based on the main criterion - the age of the child and his/her individual characteristics. Otherwise, the toy can not only not please the baby, but simply not to interest or even upset. A small child may become bored with overly complex and incomprehensible games.

Tips for Choosing Toys Depending on the Kids' Age

The tasks that the toy offers to solve the child should become more complex with age.

  • Age: 6 months -1 year old. For children from 6 months to 1 year, it is worth choosing toys based on their safety. They should not contain small parts that a child can swallow or stick in the nose or ears. They should be made of environmentally friendly materials, the best of which is wood. At this age, the best solution may be rattles in bright colors. The rattle helps to develop the skill of touch, and also teaches the child to perceive sound, color and shape. Musical toys help the kid to systematize the sounds and the source of their origin. A good idea is to choose the best baby activity center. They have a lot of features and are adjustable to the kid's height. Buying it, you get a lot of toys in one that don't take much space in the room.
  • Age: 1-2 years old. From 1 year, as well as at the age of 2, a variety of sorter and pyramids are fascinating for a baby. Such toys will help to learn colors, sizes and shapes. Also at this age, when the child is already beginning to actively and confidently move in space, you can buy cars, trains.
  • Age: 3 years old. At the age of 3, the child, as a rule, has already developed the ability to distinguish various properties of objects. The kid is already able to lay down a simple drawing of cubes or assemble a small puzzle. At this age, the most relevant are cubes, constructors, mosaics. But do not forget that too complicated puzzle of a larger number of elements can only upset the child. You should start from the simple, gradually watching the child and complicating the task, if he/she can cope with the previous one easily.

In children older than 3 years, such qualities as logical thinking, attention, and memory are well developed. At this age, you need to stimulate the kid's development with the help of logic games that will help you quickly memorize letters and numbers.