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Dr. J: Sights and sounds of the courtroom

Posted on Monday, December 06th at 10:27am

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9:30 AM Dec 6, 2010 -- We all got in and are settled. Our little group is in the front of the courtroom, on the side for Proponents (meaning Proponents of Prop 8.) It is kind of like a wedding: bride’s family on one side, groom’s family on the other. Come to think of it, maybe that’s not the best comparison. Hummm.

Anyhow, I am sitting here with Andy Pugno, Jordan Lawrence and Jennifer Monk, attorneys for our side.

Also present: official proponents of the ballot initiative, Ron Prentice of the California Family Council and Mark Janssen, from Sacramento. (I first met Mark when we tried to defend Prop 8 to the LA Times editorial board, back in August 2008. We’re still all here together!)

Best of all, and the greatest honor of all: I am sitting next to Debbie Cooper, aka Mrs. Chuck Cooper, and their daughter McKinley. She is a senior at Georgetown, studying government, with among others, my old friend Fr. James Schall.

Here inside the courtroom, we are surrounded by classical architecture, oak, mahogany and marble. These are all the features that are designed to give us the feeling of permanence and majesty of the law. All very impressive. Not so great, however, if the law can be changed on the whim of a single judge.

Prayers and blessings on us all today, especially to Chuck Cooper!


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