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EWTN Interviews Maggie on Southern Poverty Law Center Report

Posted on Wednesday, December 01st at 11:44am

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"Gallagher saw the SPLC’s action as a vindication of her past statements.

“I wish they would stop proving that we’re right so consistently. I’m not surprised. This is what I predicted would happen. I’m a little surprised it’s happening so fast.

“They believe you should be treated like a racist if you think marriage is a union of a man and a wife,” she said.

While some think this situation should happen “down the road,” Gallagher said, “a growing number apparently believe it should happen right now.”

“We need to face squarely the goals of this movement, the rhetoric of this movement, and the fact that this is an issue,” she told EWTN News.

She added that Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic bishops have made clear that “it doesn’t get better” if opponents of same-sex “marriage” stand down.

“The next fight is going to be whether or not our religious institutions and parents and schools are going to be stigmatized in the public square as racists, and face legal disabilities that racists face.”



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